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The meat grinder includes a sophisticated machine that smooths the flesh from using manual power by hand, to use the electric power and the driving machine, was originally between the propulsion engine and the chopped knife is still separated but the development of design engineering science is summarized for the united and made Portable to be moved easily

The machine has some manual features, such as made of strong and sturdy cast metal. This engine component consists of screw, body, strainer, knife and handle. Many choices of tool size options match what you need. The advantage of having a machine to grind the meat, durable because it is made from materials that have good quality. Ready to use and complete to start your business, has a choice of capacity and size until you can choose the capacity that you want. The meat grinding machine is very multifunctional because it can be used to grind other meat.

Many advantages of the machine, which can be for your business investment is very profitable because the price of this machine is affordable and durable. The machine can facilitate you in the business of meat-based foods, as the rapid development of technology is now made automatic machines. So it can be used to grind peanuts, grind potatoes that are ripe to be made into cakes, and can also to make peanut butter. This machine is also very suitable for grinding various kinds of meat, Namely beef, goat, chicken, fish and others. The machines process the meat quickly with the various capacities you want.

The meat grinding machine works automatically so you do not rotate the handles to move the meat knife as the driving force of the machine. The way the grinding machine moves automatically just by pressing the button then the electric current will move the motor and the blade will rotate chop up the meat, vegetables or beans are included, the easy way is to wash to clean the meat and vegetables that want to be ground, then put the meat into The grinding machine, then press on on the buttons available for the grinding process, while to grind the potatoes and vegetables must be cooked. Facilities available on the portable grinding machine is a small electric power, reverse function (anti-skid), white, and equipped with sausage prints. The advantages of this machine, Which can save electricity, anti-skid, elegant design, and equipped with sausage prints. You can also save the cost of electricity in the use of this machine, very easy to use at your home.

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